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The Best DJ Speakers

The most important question to ask yourself is whether you need to monitor speakers or a sound system? If you mix at home, then a pair of 5-inch monitor speakers will do the trick. They look small, but they offer more than enough potential. On the other hand, if you move often, it will be more convenient to use the sound system available on the spot or to equip you with your own system. In this case, go directly to the paragraph on active speakers, this is the simplest solution. A complete set is usually composed of two satellite speakers and a subwoofer.

What is a monitoring enclosure?

Monitor speakers are commonly used in the studio. They are very neutral, which means that the sound is the least colorful possible. In this way, you can achieve a faithful and accurate mix. The advantage of these speakers is that they are rather compact. For medium-sized pieces, a 5-inch model is recommended. Indeed, large speakers require much more space. It can also be useful to add a subwoofer, but it is not mandatory. Be careful, if you want a neutral sound, a subwoofer can be disastrous if it is installed in a small studio or if the acoustics are not optimal. Our DJ and Studio specialists can help you make your choice. For more info, read the buying guide on the monitor speakers. You can make a visit to to get the best details there.

Speakers to the unit or complete sound system?

If desired, you can buy all the components separately, but the easiest way is to choose an all-equipped set. A pack consisting of two satellite speakers and a subwoofer will be very good to start. Thus, you cover the whole spectrum, from the highest highs to the lowest ones. These sets have enough power to sound a room of average size. If your budget is limited, you can initially ignore the subwoofer. Of course, you will not make the walls tremble, but you can always add it later.

Tip: On stage, it is usual to see a backstage or a monitor placed next to the DJ not to be completely dependent on his headphones.

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What is the difference between assets and liabilities?

You may have already made your choice, but the terms active and passive are still a mystery? In the active category, you will find all the models that you can plug directly into a power outlet. They are equipped with an amp, so their price is a little higher. Anyway, this is a good choice for the first pair of speakers. In the passive category, a peripheral amplifier will be needed for the speakers to produce the slightest sound. The more passive speakers you use, the larger the number of amps. The advantage of passive speakers is that you can choose the amp (to have more control over the sound) and they are also lighter (no built-in amp).